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* Celebrating 9 DREAMY Years *

~ Is a Deposit required?

YES. A $75.00 Deposit is required in order to secure your requested date and time. A signed Contract and filled out Information Sheet is also required.


~ Deposit, Contract and Information Sheet MUST arrive within a week of it being sent to you. We cannot guarantee your requested date and time, unless the proper forms along with deposit are sent.


* Please note, if you book a party within the same week, you must send the proper forms along with deposit ASAP! *


~ What if my child gets ill or I need to cancel the party. Is the deposit refundable?

NO. The Deposit is NON Refundable. We have scheduled that time for your event and unable to schedule someone in your time slot.


* Certain circumstances may be allowed if discussed in advance. *


~ What's the Minimum / Maximum of children for a party?

We have hosted parties of 2 children up to 70 children.


* Price adjustments can be made for smaller / larger parties *


~ Is there a special rate for Larger Parties?

YES. Butterfly Dreams understands that sometimes we cannot help the guest list, therefore we can discuss a special rate.


* Please inquire about guest amount and options *


~ Are Outside Parties an option?

Outside Parties aren't usually optional, due to the unpredictable Florida weather and heat. During Fall, Winter & Spring Seasons, certain parties may be permitted.


* Please inquire about your specific party *

* Outside Parties may be charged an additional fee, unless otherwise discussed *


~ ALL inside parties require to have air conditioning.


* Please note, the more children and grown ups you have in attendance, the warmer it will get in your location! A few hours before your guests arrive, please lower your temperature so not only are the children comfortable, but the grown ups as well!!! *


~ Are Food / Drinks permitted during parties?

We prefer that all Food / Drinks are consumed before or after our portion. Certain parties as in : Tea, Cooking & Spa, are allowed at certain portions of the party.


* Please inquiry about your specific party *


~ A Parking Space in front of the home is required. Please block a space for Butterfly Dreams in your driveway or in the front of your home.


~ Are Food, Cake, Decor or Invitations included?

NO. For an additional fee, we can provide the listed items with advance notice. * In the exception of the Cooking Party : Food & Dessert are provided / Tea Party : Snacks, Drinks and Table Decor.  


* Please inquire for specifics *


~ Do you accept personal checks?

For the deposit, we can accept a Personal Check or Cashier's Check. For the balance, we prefer Cash or a Cashier's Check.


~ Do you provide Music?

YES. We provide themed music pertaining to the party. We have a Boom Box or iPod Speaker System. If you prefer using your home system, please let us know in advance.


~ How far in advance should we book a party?

The sooner the better! Some weekends book quicker than others, so the sooner you send in your Deposit, Contract and Information Sheet, the sooner your date and time will be locked in!


~ Can I book a Last Minute Party?

YES. If we have the availability, then you can book it!


~ Do you come to our location or do you have a location?

YES. Butterfly Dreams is mainly a mobile party company, but since we understand that some aren't able to have it in their homes, we have multiple locations for an additional fee. We have rentals in the following areas : Sea World, Universal Studios, Downtown Orlando, College Park and Oviedo.


* Please inquire for additional info *


~ Do you travel outside of Orlando?

YES. For an additional fee, we travel throughout the State of Florida.


* Please inquire for a price quote *


~ Is there a Travel Fee?

If your location is over 30 miles from our location, there IS a travel fee :

30 miles : $25.00  /  50 miles : $40.00  /   50+ miles : Call


~ What is included in your Appearances, Visits and Parties?

Everything listed on the descriptions are included.


~ What is needed for Visits & Parties?

The following items are needed : Space, Tables and Chairs. Additional items for the following parties are needed as well, Spa / Girly Party : Sink and Warm Water Access; Cooking Party : Large enough Kitchen Area, Oven, Stove, Sink and Warm Water Access; Glamour Party / Sleep Over Visit : Electrical Outlets.


~ What should the girls wear if it is a Dress Up Party?

Depending on which Dress Up Party, will determine on what they should wear. Spa / Girly / Glamour Party : Comfortable and Light Clothes as in a Bathing Suit, Pajamas, Shorts & Tee Shirt, Leggings & Leotard or Leggings & Tee Shirt. Princess / Princess Dress Up Party : Leggings with a Leotard or Leggings & Tee Shirt.


~ Do you provide Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon, etc Characters or Princesses?

NO. Butterfly Dreams provides Butterfly Dreams' Characters and Princesses. Please check the Character / Princess Link for Pictures and Info.


~ How many Butterfly Dreams Hostesses come to the party?

Depending on the number of guests, will determine the number of Hostesses that will attend. Each Appearance, Visit or Party includes at least 2 Hostesses.


* Confirming the amount of children is VERY important due to this issue. Please confirm your guest list no later than one week prior *


~ Are Gift Bags included?

YES, Gift Bags are included with the Parties.


~ How long do the events last?

Anywhere from 1/2 hour and up.


~ What's the difference between Appearances, Visits and Parties?

Appearances are 1/2 hour of a Character or Princess at your location. Visits do not include Arts & Craft Time or Gift Bags as Parties do. Times vary as well for Visits and Parties. A Basic Visit is 1 hour. Glamour Visit are 1 1/2 + hours and Parties are 1 1/2 + hours.


* Please note: ALL times are subject to change depending on how many children are in attendance, participate, etc. *


~ What if I don't see a Visit or Party Package I like?

You are welcome to Create Your Own Visit or Party.


* Please inquire for a quote and information *


~ Is Gratuity Included?

No, gratuity is not included. Please feel free to add gratuity to your balance if you feel your hostesses have performed beyond your expectations.


~ Butterfly Dreams is not responsible for any accidents or damages.


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